The Benefits of Vaping: Truth of Fiction?

There is a never-ending debate on whether vaping is safe or not. Well, not even the food you eat is 100% healthy, right?

However, we can say – based on various studies – that vaping does involve nicotine but there is no tobacco. It has its own form of smoke (vapor) but there are no known adverse effects on the heart and arteries. It emits vapor but second-hand exposure to the vapor does not pose a public health risk in the same way as tobacco.

It is akin to smoking but it is odorless. It gives us a nicotine fix just like smoking but without the likelihood of health concerns that lead to diseases like cancer.

What’s more, there are no more butts, no social stigmas, no fire or flames, no ash, and you get to save more money since e-cigs and vaporizers are cost-effective in the long run (as compared to cigarettes).

If you’re trying to give up smoking but struggling.. we understand! We were all there once and vaping really is a much better, healthier experience. Yes it is still new and slightly misunderstood but if you’re a newbie, don’t be swayed by all the myths surrounding the vaping industry. Do your own research and you’ll see what vaping is really all about.


Author: stopsmokingstartvapingblog